Ben Leaf


Born on May 17, 1976 as Benjamin Landon Leaf to Nel and Sandy Leaf.


Kind and smart, he plans a head before any missions. He can become rutless at any momen during a mission. He would kill in cold blooded if he needs to, but would allow to give his enemy a moment to give up.

He loves his family very much and would do anything to protect him. He is overly protective of his daughter and wants to keep her safe.




age 38


Biographical information
  • Birthday: May 17, 1976
  • Rank: Mega
  • Gender: Male
  • Previous Team: Team Smith (Collin Simmers, Greywolf Python, and Crystal Veining)
  • Team: Team Hope One (second-in-command)
  • Tag Team Partner: Collin Simmers, Cody Sioux, Jacob Smithson
  • Occupation: Commander of Heraho Warrior Police Force and Heraho Spy
  • Parents: Nel and Sandy Leaf
  • Spouse: Helena
  • Kids: Marley
  • Like to fight: Cody Sioux
  • Likes: Any meat that is made from pigs
  • Dislikes: Anything that isn’t healthy.
  • Hobbies: Planting, watching the sunset with Helena, wood carving, and drinking soda with friends.
  • Elements: Wood