Cody Sioux


Cody Dakota Sioux was born to Mufasa and Rachel Sioux as their fourth child. He grew up as an orphan along with his two best friends Len and Lex.

In 1990 after passing the Rookie Exam, he was place in a team with Kevin Tennyson, Gang Zhang, and Ayaka Kaneko. They start their training under Gang’s father Jiang Zhang.

In 1993 at age 17 in April, he traveled to the Dragon Realm. He learned some techniques from the dragons. He met a dragon name Spyro and became linked together. He stayed there for a month and left to head back home.

In 1994 at age 19 he and Cara got married on the 14th of November. Later in the same year, he and Cara travel for a mission and met two vampires. Hey battle the vampires that tried to turn them. They manage to get away from them.

In 2000 Cody and Cara had their first son Ryan. Cody decided to fully retire from being a warrior.

In 2009 Cody and Cara had their second son Ulrich.


Cody is a kind and brave person. He cares deeply for his family and loves ones. He would put his life on the line to protect his village from any danger.


Beast Spirit Summing: Blaze and Maze (tigers)

Appade Appadie (Level one, two, and tree)


Age 38


Biographical information
  • Birthday: September 8, 1975
  • Rank: Omega
  • Gender: Male
  • Previous Team: Team Jiang
  • Team: Team Hope One, Team Cody
  • Tag Team Partner: Ben Leaf, Jake Lebba, Len Stone, Kevin Tennyson, and Lex Camden
  • Occupation: Lieutenant General of Heraho Military Forces in North Dakota
  • Parents: Mufasa and Rachel Sioux
  • Siblings: Heero, Duo, Trowa,
  • Spouse: Cara Mason
  • Kids: Ryan, Ulrich, Matthew, Maxima
  • Like to fight: His kids and anyone more powerful then him.
  • Likes: Cara cooking and many different kinds of foods.
  • Hobbies: Training, Workout
  • Elements: Fire, Earth, Lightning