Helena Leaf


Born on July 22, 1977 as Helena Harris to Meredith and Gwenda Harris.


Kind and sweet to all those around. She use to be a train killer for Ganon till she met Ben. When on a mission to spy on the enemies, she is good at masking her emotion and keeping a clear mind.

She cares deeply for her husband and daughter and if anyone hurts them, she goes cold.




age 37


Biographical information
  • Birthday: July 22, 1977
  • Rank: Ultimate
  • Gender: Female
  • Tag Team Partner: Ben Leaf
  • Occupatoin: Part time Spy
  • Parents: Meredith and Gwenda Harris
  • Siblings: Winston Harris
  • Spouse: Ben Leaf
  • Kids: Marley Leaf
  • Like to fight: Anyone that wansts to harm her family
  • Likes: anything healthy
  • Dislikes: Junk Foods
  • Hobbies: jogging, reading crime novels
  • Elements: Fire, Water