Jiang Zhang


He was born in a village in China called Guang zhi feng to Deming and Li Zhang along with his twin sister Jing on December 28, 1952. Deming and Li was in China at the time when they found out Li was going to have a baby.

In 1958: at age five, his family moved to Heraho as it was time for Deming to head back to Heraho.

In 1967: at age fourteen he became a Rookie and got place under Azar Sioux leadership. Azar took in liking of Jiang and decide to train himĀ in swordmanship.

In 1975: at age twenty-two, his son Gang was born to him and his wife Ling.

In 1989: He became a Rookie Instructor to his son Gang, Cody, Kevin, and Ayaka.

In 1993: at age forty on November 26, while on a mission, his wife Ling got stick from a battleĀ and died. He decided to take his son Gang with him to China for a while.


He is a kind person and always think few steps a head of his enemies.






Biographical information
  • Birthday: December 28, 1952
  • Rank: Ultimate
  • Gender: Male
  • Previous Team: Team Azar, Team Jiang
  • Occupation: Rookie Warrior Instructor
  • Parents: Deming and Li Zhang
  • Siblings: Jing Zhang
  • Spouse: Ling
  • Kids: Gang
  • Like to fight: His former teacher Azar Sioux and his students
  • Likes: Oolong Tea and Pork-fried Rice
  • Dislikes: Walnuts
  • Hobbies: Reading and cloud watching
  • Elements: Wind and Lightning