Kevin Tennyson


Born on April 3, 1975 as Kevin Ryan Tennyson to Arnkell and Monica Tennyson.



He has the abilities to use Fire, Lightning and Earth elements techniques. His skills are on pair with Cody’s abilities and a Supreme Grand Master. His fire element is his main element and is able to use it variations forms as well.

He is capable of using slime like abilities and spells. He is able to absorbs any slime or liquid substance. His body is capable to become slimy or slippery so that way he will be able to slip through anything.

He has signed a Feline Summoning Contract in order to summon an Beast Spirit. His beast spirit is a Snow Leopard named Linger.  He has trained with his beast spirit since Kevin was fifteen years old.



Appade Appadie Verson 1

Beast Spirit Summoning: Snow Leopard (Linger)

Five Finger Flame attack

Fire Dragon



Age 38 (biologically 16)
Biographical information
  • Birthday: April 3, 1975
  • Rank: X-rank
  • Gender: Male
  • Previous Team: Team Jiang, Team Dameon
  • Team: Team Hope One
  • Tag Team Partner: Cody Sioux, Ryan Sioux, Miranda Mason
  • Parents: Arnkell and Monica
  • Siblings: Maxima
  • Like to fight: Cody and Ryan Sioux.
  • Hobbies: Taking long walks, watching the stars in the night sky.
  • Element: Fire, Earth, Lightning