Len Stone

Biographical information
  • Birthday: November 13, 1975
  • Rank: Mega
  • Gender: Male
  • Previous Team: Team Mask
  • Team: Team Hope One, Team Len
  • Tag Team Partner: Lex Camden, Cody Sioux, Jacob Smithson
  • Occupation: Brigadier General of Brigade 1 in Division 2 of Heraho Military Forces in North Dakota
  • Parents: JackĀ and Lisa Stone
  • Siblings: Gaea and Atam
  • Spouse: Mara
  • Kids: Aaron and Amy
  • Like to fight: Cody Sioux, Lex Camden, Kevin Tennyson
  • Likes: Mara cooking
  • Hobbies: Taking walks, working out, studying new moves
  • Elements: Earth