• March 23rd; Gudmund Thoresen was born to Osmond and Isabella Thoresen
  • May 20th;Aurora Olafsen was born to Arvid and Aina Olafsen



  • October 1st; As Aina and Haruki got married. Haruki adopted Aurora as Aina adopted Ichirou.



  • January 14th;Sigmund bet Gudmund and Knut can’t stay out in the woods for twenty-four hours. Gudmund and Knut went to camp outside in the cold. Sigmund starts to set up traps to scare the two and make them lose.
  • January 15th;After Sigmund pulled a prank on Gudmund and Knut. The two threw Sigmund into the icy water. Once Osmond and Eirik found out, they punish Gudmund and Knut by having them stand outside in the cold in their underwear.



  • November 20th;Aurora got accepted into Columbia University.



  • June 1st; Gudmund enlisted into the American Army as he starts at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York.
  • August 22nd;Aurora got settle in at her dorm room.



  • March 24th;Gudmund goes on his first deployment at the start of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Sigmund was his commanding officer.



  • March 25th; Gudmund and Aurora got married.



  • June 11th;Aurora graduated from Columbia University.
  • September 15th;Sigmund, Gudmund, and Irene ship out to battle at Afghanistan.



  • March 20th;Gudmund return back from Afghanistan on leave.
  • September 6th;Gudmund and Aurora found out that Aurora is three weeks pregnant.
  • September 20th;Gudmund got shipped back out and head back to Afghanistan



  • April 20th;Gudmund return back from Afghanistan.
  • May 11th; Astrid Thoresen was born to Gudmund and Aurora Thoresen
  • August 25th;Gudmund head back out and head for Iraq.



  • March 1st;Gudmund was supposed to head back home to his family. He got notify that he’ll be staying for five more months.
  • March 16th;Gudmund join the United States Special Operations Command in the army unites. He is told he is heading out to Pakistan for a mission.
  • August 10th;Gudmund finally return home and greeted by his family. His one-year-old daughter; Astrid walk up to him in the airport to greet him.



  • January 17th; Gudmund got called to head back out to Iraq.
  • January 27th;Gudmund been assign to do protection for the Iraqi National Assembly election.
  • February 18th;Gudmund finished his assignment. He is given a new assignment at Baghdad.
  • February 28th;Gudmund learn about a suicide car bombing south of Baghdad.
  • March 1st;Gudmund help with the investigation on the car bombing.
  • March 20th;Gudmund fight alongside the US troops against the Iraqi insurgents.
  • August 15th;Gudmund partaken the attack from the enemy insurgents.



  • February 8th; Gudmund arrives back home and is greeted by his family.



  • September 3rd;Astrid starts her first day at Lincoln Prep preschool program
  • November 15th;Gudmund got promoted up to Major.



  • December 22nd;Gudmund and Aurora found out that Aurora is pregnant with their second child.



  • May 2nd;Gudmund join other soldiers in the attack on Osama bin Laden.
  • July 23rd;Gudmund and his family are at home relaxing till he got a call. Gudmund learn that Sigmund and Trine have died.
  • July 24th;Early in the morning Gudmund visit the city morgue and identify his brother and sister-in-law bodies.
  • July 25th;Gudmund became new head of the Southern California pINPOINt.
  • July 28th;Gudmund’s family has the funeral for Sigmund and Trine.
  • August 18th;Ryan Thoresen was born to Gudmund and Aurora Thoresen.



  • September 26th;Gudmund get a call that his grandparents has pass away in their sleeps.
  • October 28th;Astrid joins her dad at his work for her project for school.
  • October 29th;Astrid joins her mom at her work for her school project.
  • November 16th;Astrid displays her family history at her school



  • March 11th;At Astrid’s house, she and her friends starts to talk about a book series.
  • March 18th;Gudmund, Aurora, and Astrid head to the Los Angeles City Hall for a banquet. Astrid meet Kevin Lang. Then the hall got attacked by Xing-Fu and Azar. They witness Azar murdered Xing-Fu before everyone. Gudmund was able to soon help take down the criminals while protecting his family.