Ayaka Azuma


Born in December 11, 1975 as Ayaka Jazmin Kaneko to Arata and Ayane Kaneko.




Beast Spirit Summoning: Swallow (Esti)



Biographical information
  • Birthday: December 11, 1975
  • Rank: Mega
  • Gender: Female
  • Previous Team: Team Jiang
  • Team: Team Hope One
  • Tag Team Partner: Gang Zhang
  • Occupation: Head of Heraho Researches Department
  • Parents: Arata and Ayane Kaneko
  • Spouse: Yukio Azuma
  • Kids: Takeo, Yuri, Koji
  • Like to fight: Cody Sioux, Kevin Tennyson, her kids
  • Likes: Nikujaga
  • Hobbies: Study histories of the village and the world, building a timeline.
  • Elements: Wind